Stuttering in Children; Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Does your child have difficulties communicating? Do they struggle to find the right words to speak? Do they often repeat a sound or syllable?

If so, the chances are that your child is struggling with stuttering.

Stuttering or stammering is a speech disorder common in children. Children who stutter usually struggle with conveying the concepts and thoughts that spin in their heads. Although most children overgrow it with time, this brings a lot of frustration and lowers self-esteem if goes untreated. However, timely interference and proper treatment may enable the child to overcome it.

Symptoms that your Child is suffering from Stuttering

  • Difficulty in making up sentences
  • Constant repetition of sounds and words
  • Stretching words or sounds within words
  • Pauses or short silences between words and sentences
  • Broken sounds like umm or aaa in between speech
  • Anxiety, strain, and pressure in conversing

Children struggling with stuttering may also display uneven body movements like clenching fists, rapid eye blinking, or Facial tics. 

What are the Causes of Stuttering?

Causes of stuttering cannot be easily specified as, in most cases, it is due to a combination of causes varying from genetics, brain injury, delayed childhood development, emotional stress, etc.

How is Stuttering Diagnosed?

A speech therapist or speech-language pathologist usually begins by querying a child’s physical and mental health history, which is followed by a physical examination that includes talking to the child, asking him/her to read aloud, etc. 

How is Stuttering Treated?

Treatment is usually individualistic; it varies from person to person in accordance with the need and nature of a child. However, it involves Speech therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, parent-child interaction, etc. You can depend on a clinic that offers speech therapy for kids in Dubai or elsewhere to seek treatment for your child.

Home Remedies to help your child overcome Stuttering

  • Listen attentively& speak slowly to your child
  • Do not complete their sentence; allow them to complete it themselves
  • Talk to your child more often without distractions
  • Avoid criticisms, instead raise your child more often

You can either do it yourself or depend on Speech therapy services at home in Dubai to help your child produce a stress-free and meaningful conversation.