Home care

We understand that the most important aspect of home care is trust. Based on your comfort level with a home care worker entering your personal space and maybe assisting you with the most personal care. Respite care, wound care, catastrophic injury care, and palliative care are all examples of home care services.

Home care services come in a broad variety of dimensions, depending on the individual's needs. Food preparation, medicine reminders, reliable companionship, and errand assistance are all part of services. Respite care, wound care, catastrophic injury care, and palliative care all included in home care services.

Home care is concerned with meeting the most basic, but vital, needs, such as a friendly face stopping by for a conversation or something as personal and touching as end-of-life care.

Choosing a home healthcare provider can be a mentally draining and time-consuming task. It's also possible that it'll be an emotional decision. However, Care on Call is a superior option!

Our home health care services are designed to assist persons in improving their health and living more independently; promoting the patient's present level of well-being; and assisting the patient in remaining at home and avoiding hospitalization or admission to long-term care facilities.

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PCR Test

This COVID-19 test, also known as the molecular test, uses a lab technique called polymerase chain reaction to detect the virus's genetic material (PCR).

The results may be available in the lowest amount of time possible. Our healthcare professionals execute PCR testing with great accuracy and precision.

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is an acronym for polymerase chain reaction. This test is typically used to detect genetic material from a particular organism, such as a virus. If you have a virus at the time of the test, the test will detect its existence.

PCR tests, unlike many other tests, can detect disease symptoms even in the early stages of infection. Because there aren't enough viruses, other tests may not produce accurate results at the earliest stages of sickness.

Antibodies are proteins produced by your immune system to fight external invaders like viruses and bacteria. When there is only a minimal number of pathogens in your body, PCR tests can detect disease.

Stay safe and secure by using Care on Call's services as soon as you notice signs of infection.

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Laboratory Services

We work to ensure the quality and integrity of clinical laboratory services that provide scientists with health and safety recommendations and information.

Laboratory tests provide doctors with information that helps them provide better and more effective care to their patients. We consider test results to be an important factor in every medical decision.

Regardless of the types of tests and experiments conducted in your laboratory, we believe that organization is one of the most important factors to consider. Efficiency in the laboratory saves time and money, and keeping your lab organized is a simple way to make it more efficient.

We methodically arrange each activity, procedure, or treatment that uses chemical, physical, or biological components to undertake experimental studies, tests, or demonstrations.

Our laboratory equipment consists of common tools and equipment used by health professionals in laboratories to provide accurate and exact findings.

We have a good lab management team that is eager and capable of making crucial decisions and inspiring the team with their well-considered, rational decisions. We make certain that our employees are aware of their objectives and that they are cooperating for the lab's benefit.

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Flu Vaccination

It's crucial to have equitable access to safe and effective vaccines to halt the COVID-19 epidemic, so seeing so many people obtain immunizations from our team is quite promising.

Safe and efficient vaccines are a vital tool, but we must continue to wear masks, wash our hands, provide proper ventilation indoors, physically distance ourselves, and avoid crowds for the foreseeable future.

Care on Call emphasizes that it is immunization, not vaccines, that will ultimately save you from the pandemic. We must band together to take the initiative to provide fair and equitable access to vaccinations, ensuring that every country receives them and is able to deploy them to safeguard its citizens, beginning with the most vulnerable.

Make sure you're prepared before going on a foreign trip or attending a public meeting. You can also get vaccinated against Covid right now from the comfort of your own home!

Our health workers who deliver COVID-19 vaccination have the necessary expertise and abilities to ensure that the vaccine is safe and effective.

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