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At Care on Call, we understand there truly is no place like home. That is why helping you, or your loved one, enjoy greater independence in your home is so important to us. Through a deep level of caring and compassion, we focus on helping you achieve your goals every day. This restores self confidence and brings greater independence to everyday life at home.

  • We set goals together and give you the support you need to achieve positive differences in your life.

  • Excellent care begins with communication. To help you achieve the best outcome, Care on Call wants to keep you informed.

  • We encourage you to call with any concerns, compliments or if you need to change a visit.

  • An electronic device (eg. phone) will be used by our Care on Call staff to document aspects of your care in addition to confirming that services were provided to you.

  • We will try our best to accommodate your preferences for day/time of our visit, whenever possible.

  • Talk openly with your Care on Call Home Health Caregiver. If you have any questions or need clarification about your health or care, we are happy to discuss them with you.

Service included:

Long-term Nursing

The best Long term nursing care service in UAE is provided by care on call. Our Experienced team of nurses has years of experience in the industry, and their respect for patients and empathy would help them live a better life.

Elder Care

Our loving elders deserve more than a carer; they need a companion and listener. Our well-versed elder care personnel will adapt quickly with their psychological approach and medicinal knowledge.

Mother care is as critical as baby care. After the delivery, women may go through many psychological and physical conditions. They need utmost care to regain their strength and get out of postpartum problems.

Newborn kids need ultimate care to adapt to the conditions, and it is hard to feed them and order their sleep cycles. Our expert team of Baby carers are always dedicated to watching them and care them scientifically.

A caring, understanding hand can make all the difference in the path to better health. With Care on Call, you’re in good hands.





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