How to Choose the Right Healthcare Facility in Dubai Before Scheduling a Doctor’s Appointment in Dubai?

In the wee hours of the night, you have a kid crying over your head, and you are in a totally different place, completely new to you, and every homecare medication has failed, pushing you to hunt for a hospital right away! 

The situation calls for an emergency and, had it been your hometown, you could have easily rushed to the hospital near your premises. In a new place, you would either resort to your friends or family to recommend a hospital for you. If that fails as well, the only way out is Google search. 

Do you think it’s that easy-peasy? Wait before you get flooded with thousands of search results, muddling your mind further to finalise a hospital. To help yourself out of this sticky situation, Care On Call has compiled an easy guide on how to evaluate a hospital before fixing the doctor’s appointment. 

Consider the patient review:

One of a healthcare facility or service’s most crucial components is patient review. You may learn more about how patients are handled and whether they are happy with the care they receive by evaluating the same. By reading reviews on reliable sources and examining consumer ratings, comments, and testimonies, you can learn more about the patient experience. Following that, you can make a medical appointment.

Time Dedicated To Research

Give yourself ample time to research the medical facilities you have shortlisted or selected. Visit their website, become familiar with the services they provide, learn about the education and expertise of their medical staff, and determine if they have what you require. Before scheduling a doctor’s appointment, be sure to read any unfavourable reviews the facility may have received in order to gain a better idea of their services. 

Verify the Medical Team’s Certification

Make sure the medical staff that has been engaged by the facility is licensed when selecting a healthcare facility. Dubai Health Authority is in charge of overseeing both public and private healthcare institutions (DHA). Make that the medical personnel, from nurses to doctors to physiotherapists, is DHA-certified before choosing a healthcare facility.

In close proximity to you

It’s crucial to pick a healthcare institution close to you so that you can reach it quickly in the event of an emergency. When you have a doctor’s appointment, choosing a healthcare facility close by will also enable you to save a significant amount of time, money, and effort.

Credibility of the medical facility

When scheduling a doctor’s appointment, it’s crucial to pick a location that has all the necessary licenses and a long history of treating and assisting patients. Being in the care of medical professionals who have more knowledge and expertise means having a good number of years of experience.

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A Good Appointment Ahead! 

It serves no purpose to sit for hours and select the best hospitals when there is a crisis, since we lack the time to look for and select the best hospitals. In order to identify the best multi-specialty hospitals before an emergency, use the information in this blog post from Care On Call!