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Take it easy when your loved one has not been feeling good lately. Emergencies occur without warning, and in such cases, Care On Call will offer you with the best available doctor care in the comfort of your own home.Care On Call presents to you Doctor On Call! Hassle-free at-homeconsultation from experienced doctors. Schedule a Consultation Now. Get medical support from some of the leading medical minds.

We have a large panel of doctors that cooperate with us to provide their services right at your doorstep for a fraction of the expense of a physical visit.Eliminate the hassle of scheduling, waiting, and transportation with us.More personalised than the care most patients receive in hospitals or clinics. Can assess you better as doctors get a completepicture of you. Get undivided attention.Save money on unnecessary emergency room visits when you have a doctor who comes to your home. Do not worry about exposing your loved ones to go through the inconvenience of visiting a doctor.

How it works


Book an online appiontment; Simply dial 800 80 60 80.


Our Executive gets in touch
with you and schedules an appointment


Our doctor visits your home for a consultation and starts with the treatments


Improvements are measured & next step are recommended if any

What we offer

Identify early signs of multiple diseases and conditions throuan a regular health check up.

Empowering patients to live life to the fillest regular monitoringnof their blood sugar levels.

Consultation and management of darents with Infectious diseases thereby orevenung furthel complications

Disease & Infection Care

Immunisation saves lives & We save your time and effort of travelling to a hosnital for an iniection

Physiotherapy helps through physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health and fitness

When it comes to COPD / Asthma, one size does not fit all. Customised care plan for all repiratory conditions.

COPD / Asthma Care

Alleviate the pain and improve quality of life of elderly patients.

Geriatric Care

Ensure a pain and discomfort tree healing for all types of wound management.

Wound Care

The best way to know have hyperenstion is to get regular blood presure readings.

Hypertension Care

Why choose care on call?

Experienced doctors on board

Valid Prescription by Email

Safe. Affordable and Confidential

Free follow-up consultation within 7days for the same condition

Our Doctors

Dr. Henna Kutty

Dr. Sami M. Yesuf

Advantages of Doctor Visit at Home

Helps save money and time

Save money and time as you do not need to spend on hospital stay or travel during times when you need urgent medical services. Our expert doctors will be ensuring the best care for each patient, Unlike in hospitals. You are not in a queue, but you are the only priority here.

Facilitation of lab tests and types of equipment

Along with cutting-edge medical assistance, We are providing lab tests and renting the most modern medical equipment at a convenient cost. You could use the facilities of a multi-specialty hospital at five times lesser price at home.

Equal quality and full-Scale service at home

The doctors are licensed and highly proficient in their field of expertise. Along with that, they provide caring and compassionate medical treatment. In case of any emergency, there will be emergency assistance. Each of the callers is taken care of by a team of doctors or a doctor as the situation demands which will make sure no patient will have to wait for the diagnosis or treatment.

Available during emergencies

One of the main benefits includes the availability of on-call doctors during the most inconvenient times and when there's urgency. Therefore, next time you or your loved ones need quick medical help, visit our website and call for in-home doctor service. Experience the comfort of being treated by a doctor inside the four walls of your home. World-class treatment at a better convenience.

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