• Beta HCG

    AED 149

    Beta HCG

  • Blood Glucose + Cholestrol

    AED 199

    RBS+ Lipid Profile

  • Diabetes Blood Test

    AED 499

    A diabetic blood test is used to check if a patient has diabetes. Thyroid, Diabetes, Iron Deficiency, Liver, Electrolytes, Lipid, Renal Profiles, and a Complete Blood Count are among the 68 parameters included in this profile. Within 24 hours, you’ll have your results and a tele-consultation with one of our doctors.

  • Hair fall Package

    AED 299

    CBC, Vit D, Vit B12, Zn, Iron, TSH, Ferritin

  • Progesterone

    AED 149

  • Testosterone

    AED 149

    Testosterone Total

  • Thyroid Profile

    AED 199

    Thyroid Profile

  • Vitamin B 12

    AED 149

  • Vitamin D Test

    AED 149

    A vitamin D test looks for bone problems and assesses vitamin D levels in persons who have chronic conditions like asthma or autoimmune diseases.