5 Myths and facts about COVID-19 vaccines you should know

Myth 1 – Natural immunity is better than COVID 19 vaccine.
Fact 1 –  COVID 19 vaccine reduces the risk of catching COVID 19 more than natural immunity.

The vaccine protects your body by creating an antibody response without you having to go through the difficulties of sickness. Getting vaccinated reduces the chance of getting ill or affecting severely.

Myth 2 – COVID 19 vaccines can alter DNA
Fact 2 – COVID 19 vaccines do not alter DNA

The primary job of a COVID 19 vaccine is to enhance your immune system against COVID. And the work is carried out by the mRNA which breaks down after the process. Thus it has nothing to do with the DNA.

Myth 3 – COVID 19 vaccines cause infertility in Women
Fact 3 – COVID 19 vaccines do not make women infertile.

The spike protein often mentioned in the false reports on social media regarding the myth of covid 19 making women infertile is not the same ones as in covid 19 vaccines. There are no reports that point to the causes of infertility to COVID 19 vaccines. Hence it is a myth.

Myth 4 – COVID 19 vaccines will cause harmful side effects.
Fact 4 – COVID 19 vaccines do not have any severe side effects.

COVID 19 vaccines do not have long-lasting or severe side effects other than body aches, headaches, or fever, which follows any other vaccine, which is how the body, stimulates the immune system. But the case is different if you have any allergies. Make sure to discuss it with your doctor before taking the vaccine.

Myth 5 – COVID 19 vaccines cause new variants.
Fact 5 –  COVID 19 vaccine helps reduce the spread of COVID, thereby reducing the chances of causing new variants.

Through mutation COVID 19 like any other virus, constantly changes to form new variants. This can be stopped only if we succeed in controlling the spreading of COVID 19 and that may only be achieved through vaccination coverage. Be a part of the mission to stop the spreading of Coronavirus. Take PCR test in Dubai. Take vaccine on time.