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Health is wealth, as the saying goes. However, there are days when we don't feel our usual selves and need expert care and health support. And in that case, we should seek quality medical care from the best home care center in Dubai in order to remain strong and healthy! Discover the extensive range of services provided by Care On Call to all patients in order to help them regain their health.

Doctor on Call

We provide qualified doctors for patient consultation. All you need to do is make a call to avail of this facility; Our professional doctor will reach your place immediately to offer hassle-free consultation.

Laboratory services

Never go to clinics or hospitals to give samples. Our professionals will come to your place and collect samples for tests just over a call.

Full Body Checkup

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Have a probe on your body once in a while. Care on Call offers optimum full body checkup service at home.

PCR test

The test detects the presence of a virus if you have the virus at the time of the test. The test could detect virus fragments even after you are no longer infected.

STD Test

Sexually transmitted diseases often go unnoticed, or people tend to treat them on their own and consider them a shame. Never be late to test S.T.D.s if you see any changes or discomfort in private parts.

DNA Test

DNA tests are now very commonly used to understand diseases' origin and causes. Take D.N.A. at home or anywhere you are comfortable by calling our experts.

Flu vaccination

Vaccinations are made easier with care on call. Just make a call and relax on your bed; Our medical staff will come to your place with medicine.

Physiotherapist At Home

Going for Physiotherapy sessions in clinics is tiring. The best thing is to get it done at home. We have an efficient line-up of expert physiotherapists ready on our toes to serve you.

Speech Language Pathology Services

Speech therapy is a very effective technique for solving speech impediments in children and adults. We offer the Most convenient speech therapy sessions at your home.

IV Therapy

IV therapy has a lot of benefits most of us are unaware of. IV therapy will improve the mineral levels in the body immediately. Get them at home.


Glutathione is involved in tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body and immune system function. Get the test done at home.

Antibody Test

Get your antibody tests done at home without falling into long queues. We use modern equipment and assign professionals to collect samples to get you quick and accurate results.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a very effective technique for solving speech impediments in children and adults. We offer the Most convenient speech therapy sessions at your home.

Diabetic Blood Test

Most of the treatments demand an in-depth blood sampling. We collect samples at your home and get you the results faster. Save time and avoid travelling.


About us

We are a professional group of Primary and Secondary health care specialists. We dreamed up better community health and built our business on trust and loyalty. The health industry is often packed with many players, and people will go into a frenzy about whom to trust. What makes us different? We provide all services at your home, including lab tests and doctor consultations. We have a magnificent group of experts, including highly qualified doctors, experienced nurses, caretakers and lab technicians. We are integrating the scopes of technology into the medical sector to improve its access to the community. We offer world-class service and long-term association with our clients. Hence, our beloved clients rated us 5/5 five hundred plus times. We firmly believe the health industry is different from other businesses as it has a social responsibility to serve. We promise that we will make the health industry more accessible to the public and will make it affordable too. Care on Call will never take a step back in the quality that we deliver irrespective of People from different walks of life, ages, ethnicities, cultures and communities in the UAE.

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