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Care on Call Home Healthcare is all about bringing convenience to people’s lives through easy and accessible healthcare at the comfort of their homes. Our team of trained and experienced healthcare professionals are there to support you through your journey to wellness. Our services give you access to premium and specialized care at your home, at your convenience and at your comfort – In short, Care is just a Call away.

Doctor on Call

Never worry about long waiting hours at hospitals when you are sick or in pain. Our expert doctors will be at your doorstep for consultation with just one call.

Laboratory services

Our team of experienced and skilled clinicians can come for a lab test at your home. Enjoy a comfortable test without waiting in line, risk of getting infected or hassle of report collection.

Full Body Checkup

Never put off a routine health checkup because of lack of time. Our clinicians are available 24*7, all days, any place at your convenience to collect your blood samples and give you an update of your health status

PCR test

Get an RT-PCR test at the comfort of your home. Fastest results with smart reports from DHA approved laboratories. Eligible for travel and update in AlHosn app.

STD Test

Sexually Transmitted Diseases need immediate attention. Never shy away from a test, but call us for a discreet and confidential test at the comfort of your home.

DNA Test

Unravel your genetic traits from a DNA test, which can give you insights into the causes and chances of getting a disease and help you design a healthier lifestyle.

Vaccination at Home

Immunize yourself from infections. Get your flu shots, travel vaccines or occupational vaccines at the comfort of your home.

Physiotherapist At Home

Safe, convenient physiotherapy sessions from expert physiotherapists at the comfort of your home.

Speech Language Pathology Services

Speech therapy is a very effective technique for solving speech impediments in children and adults. We offer the Most convenient speech therapy sessions at your home.

IV Therapy

Supplement your vitamin and mineral deficiencies with an IV infusion therapy while relaxing in your couch. Wide range of IV infusion, effective sessions along with expert doctor consultation – All at the comfort of your home.


Boost your anti-oxidants with glutathione therapy, helping you repair your tissues, strengthen your immune system and make you feel healthier and younger.

Antibody Test

Get your antibody tests done at home without falling into long queues. We use modern equipment and assign professionals to collect samples to get you quick and accurate results.

Speech Therapy

Speech, language and cognitive therapy for kids and adults. Our expert therapists will help you treat speech impediments in both adults as well as kids, through fun and stimulating sessions.

Diabetic Blood Test

Combat and keep in check your Diabetes with Diabetes tests. Give us a call and enjoy the convenience of at home sample collection, smart and faster reports.


About us

Care on Call Home Healthcare is an initiative aimed at promoting the most convenient and holistic healthcare facility at the comfort of your home.

Our healthcare packages provide you a wide variety of services which can help your unique need – be it a doctor who can reach you at the shortest time to treat any emergency/ chronic condition, or be it a nurse who can take care of your dear ones undergoing an illness or disability at their homes, or be it a specialist who can assist with your physical, mental or social well-being.

We bring under one roof the best medical professionals with the right expertise, specialized skillset and experience with the best-in-line and modern techniques and technology. We choose to give the finest quality service, which can be evidenced by the 600 plus 5 star rating our customers have given us.

We aim to make convenient healthcare more accessible to people of all walks of life, age, ethnicities and culture of UAE at the most affordable cost, thus helping them in their journey to become a better and healthier version of themselves.

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